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Dr OZ feature of an amazing makeover

Posted by team March - 15 - 2011 0 Comment

I would like to share with you one of the most rewarding and productive experiences I have had, both personally and professionally, from a magical flow of events this past week. Like childbirth, the “birth pains” of this project diminished in an exciting and heartwarming conclusion this past Friday before a live studio audience. The attached pictures tell the story (WARNING: some are pretty graphic) Dr. Oz Show segment was aired on Friday, March 11th.

The Dr. Oz show producers contacted me to appear on his show in a segment that highlighted the physical and psychological pain of dental disease and breakdown. They asked my assistance in finding a very “graphic case” of a patient in “breakdown,” who could not afford to restore their mouth and was emotionally affected as well. Almost on cue, a patient who had been searching for “a really good dentist” on the internet, appeared in my office and proceeded to tell her story of dental problems  from childhood, and lots of bad dentistry along the way, affecting her life in every way imaginable. Tears flowed from her as she continued to share her story by finishing that she “probably couldn’t afford it,” but would like my opinion anyway.

Bonnie was interviewed in her home and informed by Dr. Oz that she was getting a “full mouth makeover” and a black car and driver were waiting outside to take her to my Park Avenue office. Her reaction was one of disbelief and within 2 hours she was in my dental chair to begin a major restorative dental case. Here’s the best part, the producers needed Bonnie finished in just 4 days to appear before a live audience of over 200 guests on the Dr. Oz Show. Over four hours of prepping, impressions and fabrication of temporary restorations was followed by the insertion of crowns, veneers and bridgework, which was only made possible by the efforts of my master ceramist, Roberto Rossi  working virtually around the clock to have the finished case ready for me to insert before the show.

Her dental case was placed in like “Cindarella’s glass slipper.” Bonnie reported no pain or discomfort and claimed her whole body felt better from her bite being restored too. Friday was the big day for her “unveiling” and it was a giant WOW!! to everyone involved. Tears were flowing again from a woman who was in disbelief, not only in her personal physical and emotional transformation, but that kindness and generosity from a team of people who gave the best of themselves in the process.

The positive spirit generated by this segment was experienced by everyone, Dr. Oz, the producers, stage crew, and audience. That is the power of giving. I want to extend a big thank you to my dental assistant Mallory Herlin, and NY office manger Megan Domeck, Dr. Fran Gare who came to offer nutritional advice to Bonnie, in addition to Ralph Orozco, my right hand, who is always there to help in any way. The production team from Dr. Oz under producer, Geoff Rosen, and field producer, Nicole Giambrone, were terrific with every accommodation. The East Hampton staff, my blogging genius assistant, and lastly but not least of all my very patient wife, Georgia, who was “holding up the fort” on many other levels, made this event possible. However, the biggest thanks must go to my friend, my fellow “Roman paisano,” colleague and terrific dental ceramist, Roberto Rossi, who made the “smile magic” porcelain veneers and crowns behind the scenes- and through the night together. Thank you again, and God bless you all. We truly changed a woman’s life. It is written that the “eyes are the window to the soul” but I like to say that the “smile is the window to the spirit” and Bonnie’s joyful spirit was coming through like a “laser beam” after her transformation.

I can honestly say this makes the work we do so rewarding, and being a part of this demanding production was inspiring.

Dr Gerry Curatola with Dr OZ

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